A clear and ambitious vision

Positioning Queensland as Australia's most innovative and dynamic trading economy – a magnet for global investment.


Two aspirational targets

The Strategy aims to boost exports and attract new investment to Queensland.
Its targets are measurable, and progress reports will be provided.


Increase Queensland’s share of national overseas exports to 22% and maintain through to 2022.


Increase the number of investment outcomes facilitated by the
Queensland Government by 20% by 2022.


Nine priorities to drive trade and investment

The Strategy identifies nine priorities, which will be pursued through a coordinated, whole-of-government approach, and with an emphasis on regions outside the south-east corner of the state.

Making the vision a reality

The Queensland Government has committed $35 million over five years to deliver 22 new trade and investment initiatives.


Download the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy

A plan for cooperation between governments, business, educational institutions and local councils to create jobs for Queenslanders