Indonesia’s economy will evolve over the next 5-10 years into a modern economic powerhouse. It is a dynamic, emerging market predicted to be a global top ten economy by 2030 and have the third largest middle class in the world.

Drivers of demand now will evolve as the country develops and the middle class grows.


Indonesia’s proximity to Queensland, its demographics and ambitious development plans offer significant opportunities for Queensland companies.

Services which are in demand now such as project financing, design and management of infrastructure projects will change in five to ten years to include personal financial services.

Healthcare will change from the provision of basic public hospital infrastructure to more specialist private healthcare delivery.

The middle class will increasingly demand more quality of life services such as aged care and child care.

The Queensland Government recently opened an office in Jakarta and appointed a new Trade & Investment Commissioner, to strengthen its capacity to support Queensland businesses trading with Indonesia.

The Suramadu Bridge at Twilight,Surabaya,Indonesia.Is the longest Bridge in Indonesia.

Indonesia opportunities

CurrentMid termLong term


  • Roads
  • Ports
  • Hospitals
  • Live cattle
  • Education & training
  • Project consultancy
  • Smart phone solutions
  • Coal, gas, geothermal

Mid term

  • Mass transit (increased air travel)
  • Beef
  • Financial services
  • More advanced healthcare
  • Aged care
  • Renewable energy

Long term

  • Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Gourmet food/functional food
  • Aged care
  • Sustainable design
  • Eco living
  • Alternative fuels

Sector opportunities in Indonesia



The Indonesian Government’s $500b National Infrastructure Program over the next five years opens opportunities for Queensland providers of services and technologies along the value chain for the development of ports, airports, roads, water and energy projects.

21 million live cattle target

Food & agribusiness

Opportunities around the development of Indonesia’s beef herd and associated expertise in veterinary services, pasture and horticulture development, genetics and meat processing consultancies.

18,000 student's

Education & training

Indonesia’s developing economy will require training across several sectors including transport, mining and agriculture.

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Indonesia Market Overview

February 15, 2017

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