Hong Kong is a vibrant city of 7 million people known as an international business, trade, tourist and financial centre.


The economy is characterised by limited import restrictions, free trade, a low and simple taxation system and a robust legal system, similar to Australia’s.


Hong Kong is heavily reliant on imports with over 90% of food and beverages sourced from other countries.

Over 90% of Hong Kong’s food and beverages are sourced from other countries.

Major food import opportunities include:

  • seafood,
  • meat and meat products,
  • fresh/chilled beef,
  • lamb and offal,
  • fresh fruit and vegetables,
  • dairy products
  • and beverages.

Hong Kong is also a significant entry port for re-exporting to mainland China.


The Hong Kong Government is also investing HK$55 billion (A$9.8 billion) to build two new hospitals and redevelop four existing ones, providing opportunities for firms in the healthcare design and services sector.

Hong Kong Government will invest HK$55 billion (A$9.8 billion) to build two new hospitals and redevelop four other ones.

From a financial perspective, Hong Kong is a world leader in equity funding and according to the China’s Ministry of Commerce over 50% of China’s outward investment of US$550 billion in 2014 was directed to and through Hong Kong, making it an ideal location to attract funds for investment projects in Queensland.

Over 50% of China’s outward investment is directed to and through Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong opportunities

CurrentMid termLong term


  • Healthy, functional, fresh and organic food
  • Premium organic meat and seafood
  • Student recruitment into higher education
  • Consumer products in health and wellbeing such as essential oils, natural skincare products
  • Infant care – baby food, skincare products
  • Investment into agriculture and infrastructure into Queensland

Mid term

  • Packaged premium food and health drinks
  • Green building products and technology
  • Student recruitment into schools and higher education
  • Investment in aged care facilities in Queensland

Long term

  • Advanced health and aged care products and services
  • Research and commercialisation in innovation technologies

Sector opportunities in Hong Kong

90% of produce and protein food imported.

Food and agribusiness

Hong Kong imports 90% of its produce and protein food including processed meat, horticulture produce, premium seafood, and organic food, making it an ideal market for promoting Queensland fresh food and value-added products.

Over 90% of Hong Kong’s food and beverages are sourced from other countries.

Hong Kong is also a target market for agri-investment in Queensland food and hospitality industry.

There is a trend towards organic food and healthy snacks to supplement the increasing awareness of health and wellbeing.


The A$4 billion West Kowloon Cultural District project with seven out of 17 cultural venues under planning and construction, is scheduled for completion by 2020.

To meet growing demand for healthcare services, A$9.8 billion has been allocated for hospital and medical facilities. Infrastructure developments include the Hong KongZhuhai-Macau Bridge, and the GuangzhouShenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link.

$A9.8 billion will be allocated to build 2 new Hong Kong hospitals and upgrade medical facilities.

Technology and Innovation

The Hong Kong Government has committed HK$2 billion (A$360 million) to boosting innovation and technology programs, university-industry collaboration and the commercialisation, applications, and industrial engineering in different technological areas such as biotechnology and traditional Chinese medicine.

Hong Kong Government has committed $A360m for a Innovation and Technology fund.

There are opportunities for join R&D collaboration and commercialisation of inventions.

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